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You aren't broken.
You are powerful A.F.
And you and your business are ready to evolve and match your confident, fearless self.

Wondering why have you been working so hard and still not seeing the results you truly desire?


If so, you need to understand why and get the right tools specifically designed for you. Curious how?

I'll show you how to understand your unique blueprint so you can finally have what you have been working so hard to get.

Hello Lovely!


I'm Lainne.


An Award Winning Author, Mystic, Intuitive Business Strategist, and Momma dedicated to helping business owners on a healing journey dissolve the bullshit that's holding their business back from getting to its next level of success.


Magic happens when you open the door to new ways of thinking

Does this sound familiar? Your mind is running a mile a minute and it feels like you are constantly trying to find new ways to work to improve yourself and your business. 

I am listening, I know you are actively working on yourself but not sure what to do next and have a feeling that there is another way, a better way, to thrive in your life. 


My commitment to you is to SUPERCHARGE your frustrations and turn them into results so you can level up your life!  Dissolve the bullshit that is holding you back from getting you to your next level of success.


Are you frustrated with never having enough time? Are you having trouble focusing or are you saying Yes! to too many things?  Restore your innate brilliance and your ability to take the right actions so you can finally have a life that brings you every joy you imagined, and confidently follow your own True North path.


Working together we will begin by having a casual chat about where you want to go next. The doors open from here once we together begin to reconnect to the ideas bubbling up inside you and we make an action plan to match your goals. Trust me, I know where this process can lead you, and it’s an incredible place to live. 


Ultimately, my goal for you is to see a triumphant transformation in each area of life we work on. Once you spread your wings and move towards your dreams, you will see a new version of yourself. I know you’ll want to continue working and learning together because you like who you are when we are side by side. 

The truth is that you are already amazing. You just need to remember how powerful you are and channel this power to take yourself to the next level in your business. Don’t worry, you aren’t broken or need to be fixed, these are skills that aren’t often taught in the school of life. 


Ready to turn your frustration into results?



Beautiful female warrior elf with sword.

Move the needle in your business and meet your community's needs on a whole new level.

We are warriors, dedicated to each other, and to igniting the fires of power, passion, and possibility within.


No longer encumbered by the will of others, we are free to be ourselves, entrusted with the healing and nurturing of our own souls.


Emboldened by the courageous, past & present, and inspired by the higher powers we choose to believe in.


Our goal is to lend compassion to others by overcoming fear with love in the pursuit of peace and freedom.


We are fierce, sensual, sovereign beings and we know no boundaries.  We experience the world fully, and we are here to Reclaim Our Destiny.

Ready to turn your frustration into results?
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Dramatic Transformation

Having been to many therapists of all kinds you are in an elite short list.״ 



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Force of Nature

“Lainne painted a dazzling vision of what's within me and what's possible in my future.״ 



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Quite Remarkable

“Lainne is able to hear something in ourselves that we need to know.״