We are Warriors
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Divine Healing
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We are warriors, dedicated to each other, and to igniting the fires of power, passion, and possibility within.


No longer encumbered by the will of others, we are free to be ourselves, entrusted with the healing and nurturing of our own souls.


Emboldened by the courageous, past & present, and inspired by the higher powers we choose to believe in.


Our goal is to lend compassion to others by overcoming fear with love in the pursuit of peace and freedom.


We are fierce, sensual, sovereign beings and we know no boundaries.  We experience the world fully, and we are here to Reclaim Our Destiny.


Having the courage to create your life on your terms, to follow the guidance of your soul, to break the chains of the old and create something new takes a lot of work and asks a lot of you.


Are you ready to commit to yourself.  Prepared for the work ahead?  Breaking old patterns, creating new ways of being, and restoring your innate brilliance takes strength.    


My commitment to you is to see a triumphant transformation in each area of life we work on.


Once you spread your wings and move through the patterns that have been holding you hostage, you will get to set yourself free and soar. 

The truth is that you are already amazing.


You just need to remember how powerful you are and channel that power to take yourself to the next level in your business and life. 


One to One

This is your opportunity to receive private, 1-1 mentoring with Lainne.

She will guide you through a deep energetic journey & neural rewire over 6 months to help you free yourself of the known and unknown programs that are holding you hostage so you can finally reclaim your best life.

This opportunity is for business owners, founders, and conscious creators who are in the game and find themselves coming up against the same roadblocks over and over again, despite the massive amount of work they have done on themselves.  


It's for gamechangers, leaders, and visionaries who are breaking the chains of the past to birth a bright vision of a future they are actively building.

For people who know that healing is a personal responsibility. A contribution. By putting effort into who and what they are, they are making a meaningful contribution, leaving a valuable legacy, and investing in the future of our planet. 


Curious?  Let's talk.  I would love to answer any questions. 

I invite you to book a call to see if we are a good fit to work together.