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Here's How To Change Your Habits, Heal from Trauma, and Break Free

...And Know That You Can Absolutely Have The Life Of Your Dreams


From Dr. Jahaz Shine, NMD

How to Use Hypnosis to Master Your Brain is a wonderful reminder to do the work of self-improvement by exercising consistent practice, such as establishing healthy boundaries, and serves as a gentle reminder to show yourself kindness and grace along the journey. 

How to Use Hypnosis to Master Your Brain is an amazing journey to Self: self-healing, understanding, appreciation, awareness, and love.

This Book Will Show You How To:

Prioritizing Your Needs to reach the greatest version of yourself and reclaim your life (Chapter 1)

Types of Hypnosis (Page 8)

Misconceptions that make hypnotic healing inaccessible to the average person. (Page 23)

Controlling Your Thought Patterns (page 30)

The Art of Manifestation (Page 38)

Setting up Your Meditative Space (Page 45)

Connecting to Your Five Senses (Page 56)

Hypnotic Exercises (Page 59)

Free Guided Session (Page 64)

Self-Help Practices (Page 65)

Chakras and Energy Work (Page 67)

Reclaiming Your Life and Healing from Trauma

(Page 71)

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After years of searching for answers and losing herself in the chaos of trauma, Lainne Love realized she was not broken. The power to reclaim her life had been within her all along. All she needed to do was know her own strength and change her perception of the world by taking responsibility for her actions. With a powerful support system at her side to keep her accountable, she had no choice but to sustain the positive changes she set out to make.


Since coaching herself through her darkest days, this rock star mom and self-mastery specialist has made it her life ambition to help others become the keys to their own healing. One of the most effective remedies she has found success in for both herself and her clients is the meditative powerhouse of hypnosis. Rooted in psychology and supported by neurological changes in brain activity, hypnosis has the ability to completely rewire your perception of yourself and the world around you. If you tell your brain that all you desire is already within your reach, you will find the path to happiness is not as bumpy as you thought.


Through the conjunction of hypnosis, meditation, energy medicine, therapy, and positive affirmation, many of Lainne’s clients have transcended their innermost traumas to become their true selves. With these holistic self-help techniques, Lainne and her many clients have cracked the code to regaining their personal agency and breaking their self-destructive habits. Now you too can reprogram your brain through hypnotic suggestion to transform your life for the better

How To Read This Book

This book exists for two reasons:

           Reason #1: So that you’ll eventually hire me to help you implement and                  expand upon the information you read here.

           Reason #2: To get you Results in Advance so that you’ll actually want to do             Reason #1 as quickly as possible.


I look at healing as a personal responsibility. A contribution. By putting effort into who and what you are, you can make a meaningful contribution in a world that can sometimes seem overwhelmed by chaos.


Healing is giving back. Healing is investing in the future of our world.


I want to help you, help yourself, and uplift the planet.

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