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Momma, Mystic, Warrior, Self-Mastery Specialist

Thank you. 


Thank you for being curious, for searching, not giving up, and opening to new ways of healing.  

I am just like you.  


I have spent years looking for answers.  


Seeking ways to make my life better.  Desperate to find the "thing" that was going to allow change to take place and catapult my life into a new direction; a happier, healthier, and abundant one.

I spent tens of thousands of dollars and invested lots of time into figuring out what was "wrong" with me, why I was stuck.


I dug deep, crawled up from the dark depths of myself, faced fears, fought many battles.  Won some and lost some.  And always got back up.  It was rarely pretty.

But I got up.

Turns out there was nothing wrong with me.  I wasn't broken. I didn't need to be fixed. 

I needed to overcome circumstances, to re-wire subconscious beliefs, and move through the challenges that had a hold on my life. 


Ultimately, I learned that challenges are opportunities.  


Learn to shift your focus to the opening, and live your best life as the most magnificent version of you.

Thank you for showing up for yourself, for loving yourself, and for taking action.


I welcome you to join me and learn to meet your challenges with grace.

Lots of love,



A Bit of Awe

"Lainne was able to gain in-depth insight into who I was and the areas of my life and body that were experiences blockages. I resonated with what she was explaining to me, and I was honestly in a bit of awe to have met someone who truly understood me, and the struggles I was experiencing along my journey in life." 

Angie G

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