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My Story

I am just like you.

I have spent years looking for answers.

Seeking ways to make my life better.  Desperate to find the "thing" that was going to allow change to take place and catapult my life into a new direction; a happier, healthier, and abundant one.

I spent tens of thousands of dollars and invested lots of time and energy into figuring out what was "wrong" with me, why I was stuck.

I dug deep, deeper still, and crawled up from the dark depths of myself, faced fears, fought many battles.  Won some and lost some.  And always got back up.  It was rarely pretty.  But I got up.

Turns out there was nothing wrong with me.  I wasn't broken.  I didn't need to be fixed.

I needed to re-wire some subconscious beliefs, restructure my energetic field, re-establish my connection to divinity, let my soul be free, and move through the challenges that appeared to have a hold on my life.

Ultimately, I learned that challenges are opportunities, they are guiding us through to our next steps. How we meet and navigate those challenges defines our experience of life. 


Thank you for showing up for yourself, for loving yourself, and for taking action.


You are amazing.  A one-of-a-kind wonder.  You are here for a reason.

I believe in you and your power.

Wishing you the greatest success on your journey to self-mastery.

You were meant for more.  Claim it!

Lots of love,



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