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I saw Lainne for guidance and clarity on how to meet my dream man and manifest my coaching business.  


Being an outgoing, friendly, happy person on the outside, everyone I come across (INCLUDING MYSELF) sees me as just that: as one of the happiest people they know.


During my session with Lainne, she saw that I have incredibly thick walls up and that this happy way of being is quite inauthentic.  She saw that I am very fearful of people and that I feel unsafe nearly every second of every day, due to events from my past.  This is something only a true intuitive, energy worker could have seen as I did not even truly see it myself.  


Lainne was guided to give me strict homework such as books to read, exercises to do, and conversations to have with my family around resentment.  Her insight combined with homework has helped me tremendously in shedding these walls.  I have opened up communication with my family and I am much more in touch with my own feelings and Self.

Thank you Lainne, for coming into my life and for stepping into your gifts. You are a true blessing to everyone you touch.  


Anyone who is visiting this website, thinking of seeing Lainne has been guided to enter into some life changing healing.



This is very important work. 


Having been to many therapists of all kinds you are in an elite short list.  You tapped into something core and critical.  You have a great power in being capable of tapping into a deep level of healing.  I have been to other people for hypnosis and not experienced any benefits or gone this deep.


The compound effect of many of the shifts you lead me through stacked on top of each other over time add up to a very dramatic transformation, especially when they have roots that go into other beliefs that once removed have a chain reaction effect.


There is also the compounding factor that, had they not been removed, I would have operated from that limited space for many years, if not the rest of my life.  To have removed my blocks now means all of the times in life when my limiting beliefs might have cast a vote, a much better upgraded self will now have influence instead.  Adding that up over years of time will compound as well, and change the course of my life overall.


Thank you so much for positively changing the course of my life.  I am now on-track and feeling good.



Lainne is a force of nature. She connected the dots for me with accuracy, bravery and an obviousness that I had not yet dared to recognize before my time with her. She is attentive, open-minded, tender and deeply empathetic.


Lainne painted a dazzling vision of what's within me and what's possible in my future and has been a bright spark in my life ever since. I highly recommend one-on-one time with her, if you can get it!




Hi my name is Angie. 


I met Lainne working with her on a lifestyle photo shoot. I felt a connection with her instantly. I was familiar with the healing arts already but was very impressed with how passionate Lainne was, how she truly and wholeheartedly cared about healing people from inwards out. 


She was able to gain in-depth insight into who I was and the areas of my life and body that were experiences blockages. I resonated with what she was explaining to me, and I was honestly in a bit of awe to have met someone who truly understood me, and the struggles I was experiencing along my journey in life. 


Lainne was professional, punctual, patient and empathetic, as she could see I was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect. She immediately put my mind at rest and explained in detail what the session would look like and what I could hope to gain from the experience. 


Lainne was a true professional, and made me feel comfortable, safe, and validated during our session. She has a very soothing presence and the ability to see beyond what’s in front of her. 


Once we completed the session, I felt calm, peaceful and at ease. I felt as I had received an energetic charge, full of energy and vitality, something I hadn’t felt in a very long time. 


Lainne took the time to debrief with me, and answer any questions I had. She also suggested things I could do as “homework” to ensure I was giving my mind, body and soul all the nurturing care I could to continue a healthy state of being. 


I would recommend Lainne to anyone who was looking for more insight, or who felt they were ready for more answers to what was going on in their life. I’ve actually shared my experience with my mother, and after hearing how positive and life affirming it was, she also booked an appointment with Lainne.  


I feel so blessed to have met Lainne, and had the opportunity to work with a woman who is so passionate and talented in a very specialized field. I would not hesitate to work with Lainne again in the near future. 




Lainne came in to my life during a time of transition and she both calmed and re-energized me to be confident enough to make my next steps.  She is an insightful and all around amazing person.  Her skills cannot be duplicated.



I have worked with Lainne Patterson on and off for 10 years.  There is an intimacy that she exudes that really gets at the emotional and physical part of me that needs to be healed or soothed.  


I will share a story.  In 2007, I had a miscarriage on a Friday evening and was sent home from hospital and asked to return on the Monday for an ultrasound and D&C. Lainne came over on the Saturday morning and worked on my abdominal area for an hour.  We were just talking and laughing and being positive and as she worked I was overwhelmed by tears. She explained that the centre of oneself was where we hold much of our emotional selves.  It was quite remarkable.  


Later that day I discharged my miscarriage.  It was as if she pulled out of me all the emotional and physical sadness so that I could truly heal.  I went to the hospital on Monday and there was no need for any evasive care. Lainne had done the work that was needed.  


Lainne listens to both the body and the mind.  She is able to hear something in ourselves that we need to know to truly find our inner healthy peace.



Lainne is an EXCEPTIONAL manifestor and team player - whatever you have going on in your life, you can ensure that when you work with Lainne, you have a partner, who will support you in healing what needs to be healed, creating solutions and action steps for the next stage, and manifesting your dreams into reality.


She is a dynamic healer and personal development coach - she is well-versed in so many modalities that you can rest ensured that she will have a way to heal your heart.



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Lainne has the ability to connect with you on a level that is compassionate, empathetic, and genuinely healing and inspiring. 


When she worked with me she saw emotional and behavioral patterns that I never would have considered; both the ones that may have been hindering me and the aspects that needed to be brought forth.  This allowed me to recognize and transform them. 


She truly sees your power and talents and is a witness to allowing you to express them fully from a place of pure love.




You've made me feel so high at my most vulnerable time.  I can never thank you enough for that. You know how to touch people's hearts.  You are a beautiful, sensual, magical and powerful Goddess.


By working with Lainne I have been able to see more clearly my place in the world and have gained confidence about my path. I would recommend Lainne to anyone ready to see themselves fully in body and spirit.

Ruth Silver 
​Independent Consultant​​

Lainne is an Intuitive Sensual Goddess!  She touched into my being and helped clear old stagnant energy that was blocking me from having healthy relationships. 


She helped me to let go of anxiety and limitations and to embrace abundance as a state of mind for my life and relationships. 


Lainne leads with her heart in her coaching and her power of intuition in her healing sessions.  She has a powerful and effective wisdom and is tuned into her senses.


Alexa Henderson

Transformational Activist  

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