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How To Use Hypnosis To Master Your Brain

Change Your Habits, Heal from Trauma & Break Free

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After years of searching for answers and losing herself in the chaos of trauma, Lainne Love realized she was not broken. The power to reclaim her life had been within her all along. All she needed to do was know her own strength and change her perception of the world by taking responsibility for her actions. With a powerful support system at her side to keep her accountable, she had no choice but to sustain the positive changes she set out to make.

Since coaching herself through her darkest days, this rock star mom and self-mastery specialist has made it her life ambition to help others become the keys to their own healing. One of the most powerful remedies she has found success in for both herself and her clients is the meditative powerhouse of hypnosis.

Through the conjunction of hypnosis, meditation, therapy, and positive affirmation, many of Lainne’s clients have transcended their innermost traumas to become their true selves. With these holistic self-help techniques, Lainne and her many followers have cracked the code to regaining their personal agency and breaking their self-destructive habits. Now you too can reprogram your brain through hypnotic suggestion to transform your life for the better.


We are so lucky we live in the now, this exact moment in time, because we have access to many tools to reclaim our power. With centuries' worth of research about psychological, self-actualization and therapeutic practices to consider, we have never been more informed on how to cultivate our own happiness. Especially in the digital space, through online sessions, guided meditation, and self-help books, anyone can apply these tools to their daily life, regardless of money or previous access to professionals.

In the realm of self-help, there are many methods for facilitating change and approaching restoration to choose from. This variety allows the individual to customize their own self-growth plan to fit their specific needs. One of the methods that has become increasingly popular because of modern accessibility is hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a relaxed state that helps you access your subconscious. This part of the brain informs thought processes, problem-solving skills, memory, automatic responses, impulses, and the physical reception of sensations. Hypnosis is similar to meditation but focuses on catalyzing a specific goal. We perform hypnosis to create a specific result, not just to experience calm. With an intention in mind, you can face unwanted behaviors, fight back self-criticisms you were taught to have when under toxic influences, and prioritize your mindfulness.

Personally, I use hypnosis to trigger necessary change in both my life and the lives of my clients. I find the technique to be gentle, effective, and much more accessible than the average person might think. You can even perform hypnosis on yourself.

Throughout this book, I will discuss hypnosis as a meditative practice, its connection to positive affirmation, and how both can help you regain control.

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